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Two great schools become one as York Avenue Preschool & Eastside Day School have joined together. Discover York Avenue Day School on the Upper East Side.



At York Avenue Preschool our philosophy is based on the idea that children are self-driven learners who benefit most from the stimulating exploration of their environment and interaction with peers. 

Our teachers draw upon a variety of proven approaches to foster community, individuality and creativity.  Supported by a collaborative and enthusiastic community of peers, parents and teachers, our children construct meaning through exploration, experimentation and reflection. We are committed to tapping each child’s natural capacity and curiosity while developing awareness and respect for each other, their teachers and their community as a whole.

We believe that learning best occurs when new concepts build upon each child’s prior experiences.  By recognizing each child’s experiences and interests and including them in the curriculum, we affirm their individual backgrounds and cultures which results in an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem.  This approach leads to a strong emphasis on family involvement both inside and outside the classrooms.  Effective communication between parents and teachers is integral in building a level of trust, comfort and clarity within the school community.

Our curriculum is integrated, sequential and balanced. Our emergent approach to curriculum allows us to build on the ideas and interests of the children in each class. Each classroom is a unique reflection of the collaboration between students and teachers. Additionally, we introduce new concepts and skills to ensure that the children are exposed to a range of learning opportunities to further support their growth and development. 

Classroom experiences are hands-on and interactive, designed specifically for the age and developmental level of the children. We value the balance between play and structure, so each day affords opportunities for the students to experience both. We also emphasize the development of social skills and a strong image of self.

York Avenue Preschool teachers work with each child to help them feel supported in their learning styles, safe in their environment, and nurtured in their uniqueness. Teachers support the individual child’s strengths and abilities. 

York Avenue Preschool welcomes our families to be partners in learning. Parents are involved in all school functions, classroom celebrations, parent-teacher conferences, and all Parent Association-sponsored events. The fulfillment of our school’s mission is complete with the involvement and participation of all of our parents, building a strong school community.

York Avenue Preschool is a private independent, not-for-profit coeducational preschool, licensed by the Department of Health, Bureau of Daycare of the City of New York, and chartered by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York.




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We are a member of the Independent Schools Admissions Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY), and the Parents League.